Till startsida

NIAM/APRIL Workshop in London, Jan 2009


Reducing the environmental impacts of transport with behavioural change

Summary of the meeting - Concluding remarks

Final report



Introduction and illustration,
Mark Barrett

Framework issues arising when assessing behavioural change measures,
Simone Schucht and Mark Barrett

Reducing the environmental impacts of transport with behavioural change - a London perspective,
Helen ApSimon, Tim Oxley and Sarah Shubinsky

Behavioural change in the transport sector - the case of Sweden, Mohammed Belhaj and Stefan Åström

Difficulties and limits of assessing the costs of the German truck toll system,
Kilian Frey

The Mayor´s air quality strategy for London,
David Hutchinson

Effect of CO2-based car registration tax on traffic PM2.5 emissions in Finland and future NTMs,
Kaarle Kupiainen, Niko Karvosenoja, Jyrki Tenhunen and Jyri Seppälä

Analysis and modelling
Walkit.com - A step in the right direction,
Jamie Wallace

Congestion Charging in London,
Sean Beevers

Behavioural measures and the modelling process - Set-backs and Steps forward,
Andrew Kelly

Policy scenarios to meet Germany´s GHG reduction target,
Claus Doll and Michael Krail

Developing a Strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transport,
Adrian Gault

Politicians, make up your minds!,
Nikolaus Ibesich

Assessing Policy Costs and Benefits,
Roald Dickens, Robert Vaughan and Clare Bayley

Effect of non-technical measures to reduce emissions from road transport in Spain,
J. Lumbreras, M. Barrett, A. Guijarro, J.M. Lopéz, R Borge and E. Rodriguez

Cost & benefits of road pricing in the Netherlands,
Rob Maas

Discussion session

Task Force on Integrated Assessment Modelling,
Rob Maas