Till startsida

NIAM/EC4MACS, Laxenburg Austria, March 21-22 2011


Morning session

Progress on the work with  integrated assessment modelling in Russian Federation, Belarus and Ukraine
K. Yaramenka

GAINS - France
S. Schucht

Progress in Integrated Assessment Modelling in the United Kingdom
T. Oxley, H. ApSimon

Update on IAM progress in Ireland
F. King

MINNI Italian National Integrated Model 2010-2011
M. Stefanova, L. Ciancarella

Opera Operational Procedure for Emission Reduction Assessment
M. Volta

M. Volta

Presentations on specific topics

Mitigation of Arctic warming by controlling European black carbon emissions
N. Karsovenoja and K. Kupiainen

Compilation of emission factors for biofuels into a GAINS script
S. Åström, K. Yaramenka, H. Blomgren

Afternoon session

Integrated Assessment of an Emission Trading Scheme to reduce NOx and SO2 emissions from international shipping and the related environmental impact over Europe
P. Campling

NOx 2010 target for Ireland
F. King

Attainment of NOX emission ceiling and NO2 limit value in The Netherlands
J. Aben

Key uncertainty factors in projecting road transport emissions
L. Ntziachristos

Incorporation of new COPERT emission factors in GAINS
J. Borken

Evaluation of the BRUTAL/UKIAM model at urban background and road-side sites & sensitivity to changes in emission projections
H. ApSimon and T. Oxley

Model concept and application for estimating urban air quality with focus on urban background and kerbside concentrations in Germany
J. Theloke

Uncertainty of air quality forecasting in Warsaw due to emission uncertainty
P. Holnicki

NO2 modelling for urban scale: the case of Madrid
R. Borge

The FAIRMODE project
P. Thunis

Urban modelling in EC4MACS
B. Bessanget