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Integrated assessment modelling brings together information on the generation of pollutant emissions into the atmosphere; their dispersal through the environment, and resulting impacts and interaction with other environmental problems; and potential mitigation options and associated economic costs.

These aspects are combined in exploration of strategies aimed at attainment of targets for improved environmental protection. Such modelling plays an important role in development of international agreements and European legislation to combat pollution and climate change.

In parallel with European scale modelling by the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) at the Centre for Integrated Assessment Modelling(CIAM), there are now related modelling activities at a national level in several countries, bringing additional expertise on  different aspects.

The purpose of this network is to bring these activities together and encourage collaboration. Membership of the network is open to those engaged in these activities related to the work programme of the UNECE under the Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution.

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XXVth European Conference on Operational Research,
8-12th July 2012, Vilnius, Lithuania
More information on: http://www.euro?2012.lt

NIAM meeting, 29th of June, Brescia, Italy

TFIAM 41, 7-9th May 2012, Bilthoven
the Netherlands

18-20 May 2011, Oslo

IIASA workshop on GAINS and Key measures
20-21 June 2011, Laxenburg

21-22 March 2011, Laxenburg


TFIAM 38th